Infopeople at CLA: Mini-Demos and Bits of Knowledge

If good things really do come in small packages, attendees at the California Library Association 2008 Conference and Exhibition in San Jose are going to find plenty of treasures through the Infopeople Mini-Demo sessions which begin this evening and continue through Sunday afternoon (November 16, 2008).
While many of us extol the virtues of learning sessions which include preparatory time and extensive follow-up, we also find a great deal of charm and useful information in these brief sessions which bring trainers and learners together for 10-minute tip-laden teasers that cover a variety of topics. It’s an enticing format for trainers and learners alike, and gives all of us food for thought in how we approach our own training-teaching-learning experiences.
With more than four dozen time slots filled with mini-demos and more than two dozen presenters scheduled, there is something for nearly everyone working in libraries. Trainers will see plenty of examples of how to break their material into concise and effective sessions from Infopeople presenters including Linda Demmers, Beth Gallaway; Cheryl Gould; George Needham and Joan Frye Williams; and Mary Ross as well as State Librarian Susan Hildreth and Deputy State Librarian Stacey Aldrich. Learners, at the same time, will be able to pick and choose from a variety of topics including spontaneous programming; planning book clubs; using library mashups; what open source software can offer libraries; bringing creativity to the workplace; creating exciting and memorable user experiences with minimal expenditures; and strategic positions for libraries in today’s changing environment.
Those of us used to much more in-depth presentations stand to learn a lot from these sessions, and the sessions promise to be fun as well. All events will be held in Infopeople’s space with the Exhibitors’ Area (Booths 410, 411, and 511).