Fully Engaged

The challenge, when you love everything you promote, is to draw attention to something which stands out above all the other great offerings. One of those “special children” for those of us working with Infopeople is Cheryl Gould’s latest offering, “Fully Engaged Customer Service,” so Infopeople is offering it at a 50 percent discount to any library willing to book a contract offering at $1,000 per day.
Here’s how Infopeople Project Director Holly Hinman has described it to library directors throughout the state:
“At first glance, you may think that this is ‘just another’ customer service workshop, but it’s not. This workshop comes out of an LSTA grant project in which the Silicon Valley Library System/San Jose Public Library hired Infopeople to develop a new, highly experiential and interactive customer service training program based on recommendations from the Envirosell study of customer service in San Jose and Hayward branches. ‘Fully Engaged Customer Service’ employs an almost continuous series of short, intense exercises that give participants the experience of real-life customer interactions and practice in good customer service behaviors. In other words, this workshop doesn’t just ‘talk the talk,’ it ‘walks the walk.’
“This workshop has proven results, as documented by a series of studies by Godbe Research. Amelia Davidson of Godbe Research says that ‘Godbe Research found the training to be highly effective in teaching library staff to be more proactive in approaching customers, to be more inquisitive with customers about their needs in order to ensure that barriers are overcome, and to use interactions to teach customers about the full range of services offered by the library. Based on the results of our studies, we give the training our strongest recommendation.
“’The customer service training program developed by Infopeople has had a significant and sustained effect on the quality of library staff’s interactions with patrons. Following the training, library staff were found to initiate four times as many interactions with customers. The training also was found to have a significant effect on performance ratings collected in the study. Specifically, the training significantly improved the performance of library staff in the following areas: eye-contact, facial expression, availability to patrons, assessment of patron needs, quality of information provided to patrons, and the outcome of the interaction. Moreover, these improvements were sustained from the immediate, post-training assessment to the follow-up assessment that occurred one month after training. In addition to these objective performance measures, the training was also found to have a significant effect on the attitudes of library staff toward customer service and patron interactions.'”
Those interested in scheduling this as a contract workshop for their library or system can contact Gini Ambrosino (gini@infopeople.org). Those interested in attending currently scheduled sessions (Alameda County Library – Fremont, 2/9/2009; San Francisco Public Library, 2/19/2009; Buena Park Library District, 3/17/2009; and San Diego County Library Headquarters, 3/18/2009) will find registration continuing on the Infopeople website at a cost of $75 per participant.