Congratulations to the 2009 Eureka! Institute fellows!

Congratulations to the folks selected to participate in the 2009 Eureka! Leadership Institute. They are:

  • Susan Baier, Santa Clara City
  • Jenne Bergstrom, San Diego County
  • Martha Camacho, Pasadena
  • Crista Cannariato, Yolo County
  • Mara Cota, Newport Beach
  • Jenny Davis, Redwood City
  • Jamie Finley, Roseville
  • Carey Gross, Butte County
  • Brian Guenther, Fresno
  • Angelica Guerrero Fortin, San Diego County
  • Heather Hart, Newport Beach
  • Lia Hernandez, Huntington Beach
  • Pui-Ching Ho, LA County
  • Karye Hood, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Amanda Jacobs Foust, Marin County
  • Yuri Kenney, LA County
  • Diane Lai, San Jose
  • Jennifer Lawson, San Diego County
  • Katherine Loeser, Glendale
  • Amparo Madera, San Diego County
  • Karen (Casey) Marcarello, Rancho Cucamonga
  • Kathy Middleton, Contra Costa County
  • Katharine Miller, Eldorado County
  • Kaye Moore, San Jose
  • Petra Morris, Pasadena
  • Shawna Sherman, Hayward
  • Hala Shonouda, Glendale
  • Kristine Tardiff, San Luis Obispo
  • Lyda Truick, Glendale
  • Jessica Ulrich, Roseville
  • Thomas Vose, Riverside County
  • Wen Wen Zhang, LA County

The 2009 mentors will be: Stacey Aldrich, State Library; Kathy Gould, Palos Verdes; Gail McPartland, Contra Costa County; George Needham, OCLC/Library Consultant; Jan Sanders, Pasadena; Joan Frye Williams, Consultant; Derek Wolfgram, Santa Clara County.

Update: We’re happy to announce that Karen Bosch Cobb of Fresno County has agreed to be the eighth mentor, and Valerie Maginnis of Mission Viejo will be acting as a backup mentor for Stacey Aldrich!