Google versus Bing: taste testing search engines

I have been pondering & exploring for a while now the differences between Bing and Google. I’m so used to using Google that it’s hard to stop down and really give Bing a shot. But now that Bing is officially going to power Yahoo! and is the number two most used search engine (sorry, decision engine) it behooves us all to get familiar with its ins and outs.

I found this side-by-side comparison site that helps to illustrate the similarities, strengths and weaknesses of each: Another useful site for doing some comparison searching: BlindSearch. This one lets you enter a search term or phrase then returns results from Google, Bing and Yahoo then lets you vote on which results seem most relevant. You’ll only find out which results are which search engine AFTER you vote!

We’ve also updated our Best Search Tools and Search Tools Chart pages to include Bing. Enjoy!