George and Joan, Thinking Out Loud about Libraries and Wikipedia

podcastIn this edition of Thinking Out Loud, George and Joan discuss the role libraries should be playing in the care and maintenance of Wikipedia. George heard Sue Gardner, Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation (the non-profit charitable organization that operates Wikipedia), speak at the Canadian Library Association. She related a story about a historian she had heard speak who felt that it was his professional responsibility to monitor Wikipedia articles for historical accuracy. George and Joan use this as a jumping off point to look at what librarians’ professional responsibilities. Is it reading professional journals? Is it keeping up with new technologies? Is it delivering services at the point of need? Are we looking for new ways to do librarian “stuff”? If we’re not, they worry, we’re at risk of extinction. It’s food for thought.

Here’s the FAQ for librarians about Wikipedia that George mentions in the podcast.

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