Three Ways to Create Better Materials


Flyers, handouts, letters. Even in the age of blogs and tweets, there are times when printed materials are the best way to communicate with your library community. Are your materials as effective as they could be?

Before you start creating your next piece of material, ask these three questions:

What’s the purpose of this piece? Is your material meant to transfer information? To call for action, encouraging the reader to do something? To influence or persuade? Your purpose will affect your approach.

What’s the best way to accomplish that purpose? Once you know where you want to go, think about the best way to get there. Would a blog post or press release work better than a flier? Might a blog post or press release complement the flyer and help you reach your goal faster? Integrate your communications.

Who are you trying to reach? Think about your primary target audience and what their world is like. Is the material for your whole community, or for a smaller subset like participants in a computer class or new parents in a certain population? Speak directly to that audience.

For more tips, check out the Infopeople course Promote, Inform, Educate: Creating Effective Materials for Your Library Community, coming in October.



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