Listen up: Master speakers coming to CLA!

Hurrah for Infopeople’s now seven-year tradition of bringing cutting edge ideas to conference, in the form of Master Speakers! This year the schedule provides two great midday opportunities to hear fresh ideas presented right from the innovators.

On Saturday, schedule yourself to be in the Exhibits Hall from 12:30-2pm to hear Nancy Duarte share best practices in business communication. She knows of what she speaks, and can help us all understand it, too, as she is the 2008 Communicator of the Year and a TED Fellow committee member.

On Sunday, same time, same place, David Hutchens, “organizational storyteller,” continues the theme of communication, with emphasis on leadership ethics.

The best part about getting yourself there in person to hear these Master Speakers is that you get to hear just how a great communicator can craft the message to suit both its content and his or her audience.

And given the tools with which we have to work while tightening our institutional and personal belts, training with a master communicator is worth every bit of our time and attention. See you there!

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