George and Joan, Thinking Out Loud about Libraries and Entrepreneurs

podcastThis edition of Thinking Out Loud was originally broadcast as a live webinar on November 16.

Times are tough, unemployment is up, and libraries have responded by expanding services to people who are looking for jobs. But how about addressing the needs of people who are creating jobs? Entrepreneurs, especially the “new creatives” – designers, chefs, writers, landscapers, crafters, techies, and other imaginative problem-solvers – are expected to play a leading role in the economic recovery.

Some people know from the outset that they want to start their own businesses. Others are “accidental” entrepreneurs, looking to self-employment when a traditional job proves hard to find. Either way, prospective entrepreneurs often lack the specific skills, tools, and other resources necessary for success.

George and Joan describe what these job-creators need and how innovative libraries are leveraging existing assets to accommodate them.