Explore “Beyond Books” this Fall with Infopeople

Are you ready to take your library’s readers’ advisory services to the cutting edge? Do you want to include adults who are seeking suggestions not only for what to read next but also for listening or viewing experiences? Would you like to assist library users in evaluating formats such as e-books, graphic novels, films and music genres as well as methods that will best suit their search for a format that is comfortable and piques their interests?

If you’re ready to take the plunge Infopeople is providing the opportunity for a deeper dive into readers’ advisory. On September 11, 2012 experienced Infopeople instructor Francisca Goldsmith will launch  “Beyond Books: Advanced Readers’ Advisory,” a course that will help your library stake a claim as a 21st century advisory portal by stretching your advisory services beyond books and the library walls. Register now to learn more about how to make your library the hub of your community’s reader’s advisory resources.

NOTE: This course, in combination with Infopeople’s Readers’ Advisory Fundamentals course (offered annually), is approved as covering the Adult Readers’ Advisory competencies for the LSSC program. Both courses must be taken to meet the competency set.


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