Learn the Skills You Need for Dealing with Difficult Patron Behavior

One of the hallmarks of public libraries has traditionally been to provide free and open access to resources and services, ideally in an environment that is safe and respectful to both staff and patrons. However the peaceful co-existence of service, safety, and respect may be challenged by difficult, disruptive, or even dangerous behaviors of library patrons, which can have many causes including stress over job loss, anger, substance abuse and mental illness.

Customer Service Challenges: Dealing with Difficult Patron Behavior is a new Infopeople course focused on helping you to develop an understanding of and skills to deal with:

  • A range of difficult behaviors from merely annoying to potentially harmful
  • External “trigger factors” and internal stress points
  • Prevention and proactive approaches
  • Consistent enforcement of your library’s policies and procedures
  • Safety in small or minimally-staffed libraries
  • Follow-up after an incident occurs

Experienced Infopeople instructor Mary Ross has developed a blended learning experience that includes readings, discussions, and unique online meetings with Infopeople trainer Cheryl Gould geared to reinforce and demonstrate key concepts in dealing with difficult patron behavior and provide opportunities to practice the skills. Register today to ensure a spot for yourself in this valuable learning opportunity launching September 18.

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  1. Perfect timing! Did you read Cheryl’s post about Dan Pink’s new book? Serendipity at work.

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