Sights to See and Goodies to Find!

Exhibits open this Friday, at 3 pm, in the San Jose Convention Center. Be sure to arrive and get your badge in time to join the excitement! CLA  exhibitors, of course, include a variety of businesses providing library-specific goods and services. But there are also nonprofits that provide essential library and library staff services year round and provide valuable presence in the exhibit hall as well.

How often, for instance, do you get the chance to walk up to representatives from California Center for the Book to see just how your new branch based discussion group can tap into their book club box program? Or get a guided hands-on experience with OCLC’s up and coming utilities?

And then, there’s the ever popular Infopeople booth ( that’s Booth#314) where each year the theme itself can help you revisualize the possibilities contained in the phrase “library staff development.” This year, the Eureka fellows have been tapped to put some of their rare and wonderful innovative talents to work in designing the booth theme. Eurekans will be staffing it as well, so be sure to come by and talk to some of the folks at California libraries’ cutting edge.

Now that’s an exhibit hall treat that won’t leave you thirsty or wondering if you could work a better deal elsewhere.

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