Hashtags, Library Science and Arriving Ready to Get Down to Business!

Throughout the ages, librarians have taken on the task of unmuddling attempts at communication about ideas. It seems as we all head off to San Jose for CLA 114, we’ve already got techniques for unmuddling to unmuddle.

As of now (actually as of yesterday afternoon), the really truly official hashtag for those Tweeting the conference events–and I hope that is many of you!–is #CaLibConf. Other suggestions were made–and texted, Tweeted and blogged. On a personal note, I plan on just following all three, betting on some folks as unnimble-fingered as I to want to stick with either all caps or all lower case, and that some archivally minded will absolutely have to add a numerical designation in order to breathe more easily.

Infopeople, via the energies and imaginations of those clever Eureka fellows, are going to be offering us all some Mad Library Science at Booth 314, in the exhibits. These Mad Library Scientists can get you started on planning your trail through the rest of the exhibits, too, thanks to the annual treasure map Infopeople provides.

Meanwhile another group of library scientists, at Booth 118, plan to teach conference attendees how to see the library world as a chemical experiment–or an endless array of experiemnts as local and world elements change.

So, we’re putting the science back in library science–and communicating about the conference on multiple channels. I like that, actually: scientists need community to do their best work, and their best work definitiely needs all manner of communication! Wait, that’s not “their” but “our”.

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