Just Do It

Keeping your community on the move and engaged can’t happen if you stick to the planning stages of whatever strategic changes you know are necessary to keep development a reality. Yes, careful planning is important; but there comes a point when “careful” gives way to a kind of scrupulosity that means “stalling.” You and/or the library staff may simply be stalled out by fear, rather than by a need for more helpful information or insights.

Listen, as well as look at this video. If you want to read about the line that is important in the background chatter, see this brief but important commentary by George Couros.

How does that apply to the ways your library conceives “best practices” in your community? Are you stalled at the library-as-book-storehouse model, afraid to weed? Are you stalled at the market-what-we-have model, afraid to take the necessary steps to discover what the community needs? Or is the hold up centered on having no personal experiences with Twitter, and so supposing it must have no place in library work! Although ample professional literature demonstrates its applicability to resolving engagement needs and information connections? What about making that break away from requiring library users to find the correct service points for their needs, rather than offering to help them wherever they are?

Save yourself some anxiety. Just do it.