CLA Annual minus 72 hours…checklist

You’re registered. You’ve made some social plans. You have your eye on a particular program, speaker, exhibit and/or event. Now, let’s run through what else you need to collect sooner rather than later–just for peace of mind.

The extended weather forecast shows warm days and cool nights. Check the specifics herebefore making final wardrobe packing decisions.

The conference Twitter hashtag is #CLAnoise. Lots of aspects of the conference will be live-tweeted, so if you have been shy of following a professional event via this method, this might be the time to give it a try. It’s easy. You can take a look at the Twitter Support pages here.

Long Beach is an easy city to navigate. If you are likely to use public transit during the conference, here is a quick link to all things Long Beach transit.

The Exhibits promise to be, as we have come to expect with CLA, just the right mix of essential and informed businesses and agencies with surprises and fun! You can see which agencies and businesses will be present–along with hyperlinks to what each offers. Taking a look at this now can help you note your “attack plan” in the Exhibit Hall, so as to maximize the information flow there and, well, tap into the fun!

We’ll update the countdown tomorrow and give you some peeks behind the published materials.