Your Library’s Digital Branch

Is improving your library’s website one of your resolutions for 2015? Are you seeking inspiration as you prepare for the task?

Consider this quote that David Lee King, Digital Services Director at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, recently david_lee_kingshared,

“I just read Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries, by the Aspen Institute. On page 15, they talked about the library as place. I was struck by this: The library as it exists within virtual space must be considered as a wholly independent but highly integrated experience; that is, the library’s virtual presence must be as engaging as its physical space and fully serve the library’s mission built around equitable access, learning and civic development.”

Is your library’s virtual space as engaging and vibrant as your library’s physical space? Or does it need some changes and improvements?

In his upcoming 4-week course, “Developing a Digital Branch,” King will guide learners through the process of creating and running a library website that is truly a digital branch, providing practical techniques and advice. King says,

“An easy way to understand a digital branch is to remove the word “digital.” It’s a branch—a branch library or a branch service point. That’s the biggest thing to remember. A digital branch should be treated just like a library’s physical branch library. Instead of having a physical building, like a physical branch library would, a digital branch has a digital building: the library’s website. If you think about the library’s website like a library branch, you will start to think very differently about it. Operating a digital branch shares many similarities with operating a physical branch. Digital branches have: a building, staff, collections, and community…. Your library’s digital branch is the actual library, just represented in an online format. It’s a real entity, with real staffing, content, infrastructure, and community-based needs.”

Interested in learning more? Consider enrolling in the upcoming 4-week course Developing a Digital Branch. Registration is now open.