Michael Cart on New Year’s Resolutions

podcastIn this podcast recorded early in 2015, Infopeople’s resident book reviewer Michael Cart talks about his new year’s resolution: to read less and enjoy it more. That may sound crazy, but when he explains how much he had to read in 2014, it makes a lot of sense!

Titles discussed in this podcast:

  • David Almond’s The True Tale Of The Monster Billy Dean Telt By Hisself
  • Gregory Maguire’s Egg And Spoon
  • Jessie Ann Foley’s Carnival At Bray
  • Kate Hattemer’s The Vigilante Poets Of Selwyn Academy
  • Adele Griffin’s The Unfinished Life Of Addison Stone
  • Donna Hosie’s The Devil’s Intern
  • Mary E. Person’s The Kiss Of Deception