What’s THE most important thing to remember when creating a survey?

A well written survey can give you valuable insights into what your community members want and need from the library, providing accurate, meaningful and actionable results. In Success with Surveys, an upcoming 4-week course for Infopeople, instructor Rita Gavelis emphasizes that clearly defining your goal is the most important thing to do when creating a survey. Gavelis says,

To prepare a survey, you need to determine:

  • What is the problem you are trying to solve or the question for which you need an answer?
  • What information is needed to solve that problem or answer that question?

Once the goal is established, every question must relate to that goal. All information gathered through the survey must contribute to a solution of that problem.

When creating the survey, it’s important to stay focused on the goal, not asking superfluous questions. Gavelis says,

If you are considering asking a survey question out of curiosity and the responses won’t directly apply to the research goal, then do not add the question to your survey. Most demographic questions, such as the respondent’s gender or age, are unnecessary, and adding those questions to a survey is a common mistake.

In the 4-week course, Gavelis will guide learners through the process of creating a survey – from wording survey questions, to using online tools for creating and hosting surveys, to compiling data, and finally, to reporting survey results.

Registration for this practical and useful course is now open!

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