New learning culture initiative to feature mentors

If you’re familiar with Infopeople’s training, then you know that we use a few different training formats – including one hour webinars, 2, 4, or 6 week courses, and some self-paced courses, too. However, we’re shaking things up and will be doing a number of new things in the upcoming Building an Effective Learning Culture Initiative:whats-diff

  • The time frame is longer than our normal training formats. The initiative will run from January – June 2017.
  • Learners will participate as a team, rather than as individuals.
  • Each team will be assigned a mentor.
  • Content will be delivered in bite-sized pieces.

Last week, we shared our reasons for adopting a team (rather than an individual learner) approach. This week, we’ll discuss the mentor component of the initiative. Next week, we’ll talk more about the “bite-sized” content.

One of the things people like about our typical Infopeople training is the interaction they get to have with an experienced instructor. For the BELC initiative, we’re taking that a step further. Not only will teams be working with an instructor, but each team will also be assigned a mentor, who will meet with them virtually on a regular basis between January and June.

Who are the mentors?

Check out this list! It’s a group of people who are passionate about the importance of staff development and learning in libraries and we’re so excited and thankful that they are part of BELC.

Why work with a mentor? advice-help-support

There are so many reasons! A mentor can provide tips, advice, resources and more. They know libraries… but they are also fresh eyes (or ears) who can help provide useful perspective on any challenges your team is experiencing as you work to develop a vibrant culture of learning in your library. And the mentors will be learning from you, too – it’s a shared opportunity!

Library Consultant and BELC instructor Stephanie Gerding is thrilled about the mentor group’s role in the initiative. She explains why, “Mentors inspire and encourage you to stretch towards your dreams. Then they provide you with the connections and accountability you need to turn those dreams into reality.”

Up to 10 teams will be selected for the BELC initiative and applications are being taken until November 23rd. Interested in creating a more effective learning culture in your library? Apply today!

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