Library Programming to Inspire Writing and Family Engagement

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What is Writing Boxes?

It is essential that—just as we encourage reading aloud and the sharing of books—we also share the joy of writing and communicate how writing is tied to literacy. Writing Boxes is an “instant’’ program template that requires very little prep, is easy to replicate, inexpensive, works across age groups, supports increased literacy, and fosters community engagement.

Why Offer Programming to Inspire Writing?

Library staff who serve children understand one of their core missions is to support reading. Reading is a part of literacy as is writing, listening, and communication. Writing experiences support family engagement, community engagement, facilitate literacy, and support out-of-school learning across the curriculum including STEM. As librarians we believe in the Freedom to Read, but what about the freedom to write? Libraries can provide programming and a non-threatening and non-judgmental space to write.

Want to Learn More?

Join us for a FREE webinar on December 5th. This hands-on experience will demonstrate how easy it is to plan and produce a Writing Box program. Presenter Lisa Von Drasek (Curator, Children’s Literature Research Collections, University of Minnesota Libraries former public and school librarian k-18) will:

  • Demonstrate how easy it is to plan and produce a Writing Box program.
  • Discuss how to select mentor texts for Writing Box Programs.
  • Model the process of prepping and facilitating a Writing Box program for children and young adults as well as their caregivers.
  • Provide suggestions on how to structure a program that takes into account diverse physical, developmental, and cognitive abilities
  • Describe the creation of the Writing Box, including how it was developed at the Brooklyn Public Library and the essential facets such as selecting developmentally relevant and culturally responsive mentor titles.

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Join us to learn how your library can create diverse, welcoming, intergenerational programming to inspire writing as an integral part of supporting literacy and family engagement. Additional information and registration at: