The Future is Fine Free

“The Future is Fine Free”
Thursday, February 13th 
Noon Pacific, 1 PM Mountain, 2 PM Central, 3 PM Easternwhy

Join us for a webinar with Pines and Plains Libraries (CO) Director Tim Miller, Perry County Library (TN) Director Gail Spragins, Chicago Public Library (IL) Commissioner Andrea Telli, and Santa Monica Public Library (CA) Director Patty Wong as they engage in a big-picture conversation about becoming and being fine-free libraries. During this conversation, they will identify their libraries’ “why” for being fine-free, discuss how they strategically addressed their communities’ needs and local government priorities by eliminating fines, and describe the impacts of going fine-free on their communities. Register for this session at this link:


While the February 13th webinar will focus on the “why” of howgoing fine-free, we know that many people are also interested in the “how”. For those how-to questions, we encourage you to check out the Infopeople webinar recording “Eliminating Overdue Fines: A Win-Win for Your Library and Community” with Beth Crist, Colorado State Library and Meg DePriest, California State Library Consultant at this link:

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