Popular Webinar Archives for the Week of March 30

online learning in the cloudAs many people already know, Infopeople has a vast trove of knowledge lurking on its website: our huge library of archived webinars! We are happy to see so many people taking advantage of them in these tough times, and thought it would be interesting each week to highlight that week’s most popular titles. So to start things off, here are the top five archives for the week of March 30! If none of these strike your fancy, you can check out lots more here. Until next week, stay safe and stay healthy!

What’s New in Children’s Literature – 2020 – This webinar can help you discover new books that you can offer to children who use your library, including books that reflect the diversity of the children we serve.

The Future Is Fine Free: How Libraries Are Increasing Equity, Engagement and Access for Their Communities – Four library directors engage in a big-picture conversation about becoming and being fine-free libraries. During this conversation, they will identify their libraries’ “why” for being fine-free, discuss how they strategically addressed their communities’ needs and local government priorities by eliminating fines, and describe the impacts of going fine-free on their communities.

Reducing Workplace Stress with Mindfulness – This webinar will introduce participants to the practice of mindfulness by presenting basic science about the practice and its benefits, connecting the experience of mindfulness to library work, and by guiding participants through several beginning practices in real time.

Balancing Books and Social Issues: Homelessness and Trauma – Why are there so many people experiencing homelessness in our libraries? How do we better serve our vulnerable customers? How do we educate and support our library staff? During this webinar social worker Elissa Hardy will address these questions and explore some solutions.

Creative Spaces and Family Engagement in Libraries – This webinar rethinks what it means to engage children and their families in creativity as we explore play based and process art. You will leave with very concrete ideas about designing a space and an approach that nurtures the artist in each child.