Popular Webinar Archives for the Week of April 6, 2020

Photo by J. Kelly Brito on UnsplashWe’re continuing to track popular archived webinars and we are SUPER glad to see so many people enjoying them! There were a few repeats from last week so we will focus on the new favorites of the past week.

Visual Merchandising for Public Libraries: Practical Strategies for Applying Bookstore Insights to Library Collections – The title pretty much says it all, I think!

Preventing and Treating Compassion Fatigue with Self-Care – Library staff are tasked with providing more and more services for their communities despite continually shrinking budgets. If you have you found yourself feeling drained, growing more irritable or less empathetic in your work you may be at-risk for compassion fatigue.

Implicit Bias in the Library Workplace – How do library administrators and managers foster a healthy, inclusive work environment so all employees can succeed? This webinar shares examples of implicit bias within the library workplace and discusses best practices for addressing and minimizing implicit bias in recruitment, hiring and retention. 

Failing in the Right Direction – What happens at your library when something doesn’t go according to plan? We hear a lot about the need for innovation and risk taking in the workplace but not so much about the flip side of that coin: failure. 

Until next time, stay safe and healthy!