Infopeople introduced its first blog, Wazzup?, in August 2004 to replace the “New on the Site” section of the Infopeople website. Wazzup included information about new additions to the Infopeople website, but also presented general news from and about Infopeople, and offered library-related information that various Infopeople staff members (“Infopeeps”) found interesting. In September 2005 we decided to do a bit of blog-cleaning, and primary among the tasks we undertook was to rename Wazzup. After a year it seemed a little, well, hokey, as a name and not representative of what we wanted the Infopeople blog to be. Thus was born the slightly less hokey Infoblog. Fast forward to March 2009, and Infoblog evolved again. it left its original creation software Movable Type behind and became a WordPress blog.

In September 2013 Infoblog made a brief foray from WordPress to Drupal where it stayed until March 2014. Over the course of several months,  we determined that Drupal just wasn’t the right home for the blog so we relocated (again) to WordPress.com and are now happy to offer you the Infopeople blog. Same great content, much better interface. The more things change…

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