It Made Me Laugh

For those of you who don’t know, I live in Berkeley and used to work at the BPL until I left to go with Infopeople. I love my library and am so proud of them for this foray into our multimedia and interactive world. It’s imbedded in the BPL website but I think you should go directly to Berkeley Public Library, An Intimate Portrait on YouTube so you can see the comments folks have left. It’s a simple little video giving some useful information about the library… but… it’s funny!!! I even showed it to a couple of non-library folks and they laughed.


I haven’t done a Friday Funny in a while, so I thought I’d share LOLCats today. I’ve been endlessly entertained by all of the permutations of this phenomenon. Here’s the deal: people take a picture of a cat (or cats) doing typical cat things like laying on a keyboard or rolling around a shelf, and put a funny caption on the image, generally using very bad grammar. And hey presto! you have an LOLCat. The purported history of LOLCats can be found here.
If these pics don’t make you smile, nothing will. Enjoy! Oh, here’s my first contribution and slight variation to this meme: LOLDog.
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Who’s Your Elvis!

In its LifeEtc. section, the January & February 2007 issue of AARP Magazine featured Who’s Your Elvis?
Take a look and see if you agree with their pick for your age group’s musical demigod.
If you are… Your Elvis is…
90+ Rudy Vallee
80-89 Bing Crosby
70-79 Frank Sinatra
60-69 Elvis Presley
50-59 The Beatles
40-49 Led Zeppelin
30-39 Madonna
20-29 Kurt Cobain
10-19 Beyonce