Planning Your 2008 Trendwatching Strategies

If the January Infoblog postings about trend watching didn’t grab you, but you’ve become more interested after listening to George and Joan’s podcasts, take a look at’s September 2007: Top 5 Trend Watching Tips and get ready for the changes 2008 is sure to bring.
The five tips for September are easy to read and understand; here’s the list with a brief description to whet your appetite for more.
1. Know why you’re tracking trends – Keep up with what’s happening, get new ideas and be poised for innovations.
2. Have a point a view – When you have a broad point of view, even tiny observations start to make sense.
3. Weave your web of resources – Soak up the insights, the spottings, the reports, the live dispatches from the global consumer arena.
4. Fine-tune your trend framework- Start building your own Trend Framework by copying consumer trends from existing trend curators.
5. Embed and apply – Start your own Trend Group even if you are the first and only member until your fervor attracts others.

Infopeople Task Group Using Web 2.0 Tool

Four Infopeople staff, fondly referred to as “peeps,” (Eileen, Gail, Gini and Linda) have been using a FREE, easy-to-use and very practical Web 2.0 online “to do” shared list service, Ta-da Lists.
You can use the website to:
• make one list to keep track of things you personally need to get done
• make multiple lists you can share with other people (co-workers, friends, family)
• subscribe to your lists in RSS
If you’re doing the Infopeople 23 Things Challenge, don’t forget to blog about trying this idea!

Research and Fun at ALA

During the American Library Association (ALA) 2007 Midwinter meeting in Seattle, I was looking for ideas for the 2007 Infopeople Technology Petting Zoo and had a great opportunity to try my fancy foot work out on Dance Dance Revolution dance pads with Jenny Levine. Jenny is an Internet Development Specialist and Strategy Guide for ALA; she also has her own blog titled, The Shifted Librarian.
You may have read that libraries are using these pads in creative ways such as challenging teen library customers to a contest. If the teens win, their overdue fines are wiped out!
See a movie of us taken with my Canon digital camera at my website.

Lights, Camera…Dance-along

On Saturday I introduced a new Infopeople instructor, Gail Griffith (Tips and Tricks for Effective Library Supervision) to a few of the wonderful experiences you can have in downtown San Francisco.
We decided that our first stop would be the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial at the Yerba Buena Gardens.
Luckily we noticed that we could return to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts later that afternoon for the 20th anniversary production of the 2005 Dance-Along Nutcracker. Presented by the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band, the performance is billed as “the wackiest Nutcracker on earth.” To get a feeling of the event, see the video preview.
I highly recommend them all—Gail’s class, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial and the Dance-Along Nutcracker.