Time flies (so do airplanes) and here we are!

There is, indeed, a whole lotta noise happening in Long Beach, as the California Library Association swings into its 115th annual conference. In spite of airport closures and cancelled flights, everyone is now here and catching the sound waves as we learn about “It’s All about Them,” with Craig Gerhart of the International City/County Managers Association; Eureka! at the Carnival aisle (425/426) in the Exhibits; the new immigration education project rolling out from the USCIS and IMLS agreement; and more, more, more!

To learn more about yesterday’s excellent and timely preconference with Mr Gerhart (whose appearance was sponsored by Infopeople and CLA’s Legislation Group), see #allthem with #clanoise on Twitter.

To enjoy the Carnival, visit the Infopeople booth during the no conflict times at conference, this afternoon at 2 pm and tomorrow morning as well.

Other programs that look really good for this afternoon’s appreciation and information are “Career Vision: A new approach for job seekers and career changers in the public library,” which will be tweeted out by Infopeople as #careervis with #clanoise, at 1 pm; “Seeds to Trees: Grow your own future bilingual library professionals and advocates,” to be tweeted as #seedstrees with #clanoise, at 2:45; and “Quiet Riot: Activating change from every organizational level,” to be tweeted out as #quietriot with #clanoise, at 4 pm. And that’s just where this attendee will be tweeting. There’s lots, lots more in the ways of programs across the next five hours! Go forth and make some noise!

CLA 2011 is just around the corner!

All the peeps at Infopeople are in major gearing up mode for the upcoming 2011 California Library Association’s annual conference that kicks off this Friday, Nov 11 in Pasadena. I’m not going to give all the surprises away, but I will say that there will be a photo opportunity at the Infopeople booth and it will be unique! The Tech Petting Zoo also will be present, featuring ebook readers and tablet computers. Oh, and there will be a scavenger hunt like last year with some awesome raffle prizes.

On the more serious learning level, don’t miss Master Speakers Nancy Duarte and David Hutchens.

Stop by and say hello!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention Battledecks on Saturday Nov 12 at 7:30pm.