Countdown to Colorado…

“Poetry and Hums aren’t things which you get, they’re things which get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you.” -Winnie-the-Pooh

I’m grateful to Infopeople for providing me with an opportunity to attend the Risk & Reward Conference, and I’m hoping inspiration and a-ha moments find me in Colorado next month.

Why I wanted to attend R-Squared

As part of my scholarship submission, I created a 60-second animated video of Holly Hinman interviewing me while we’re both decked out in superhero garb. Watch it here:

I was recently hired into a brand new Technology Librarian position for the City of Mountain View Public Library, so I’m excited to be signed up for the Customer Curiosity conference experience. This hands-on session is designed to help library staff “celebrate customers as content producers and creative beings”.

I want to raise my library’s visibility as a transformative venue for creative interaction and education. I think R-Squared will help me to reconceptualize the relationship between library users, librarians and information. I’m looking forward to learning new ways to stimulate a dialogue with users.

Here’s what I’m hoping to take away with me:

  • How can I use the technologies at my disposal to produce a creative synergy between library staff and library users?
  • How can I become a better risk tolerator and also reap bigger rewards from the library’s social media/community networks?
  • How do I effectively design for interaction in physical and virtual spaces?

Stay tuned for R2 insights in September….

Ann Awakuni is the Technology Librarian at the City of Mountain View Public Library and was a participant in the Eureka! Leadership Institute.

Mountaintop Experiences

Next week, Infopeople is sending a few California librarians to a new and unusual library conference. “R-Squared” (Risk x Reward) promises an exciting “mountaintop experience,” both in that cheesy life-changing sense and also in a completely literal sense, as we’ll be spending a few breathless days in Telluride, Colorado, at close to 10,000 feet. We’ve received advisory emails about drinking extra water, toning down weekend exercise goals, and coming with open minds. The conference focuses on experiences that will vividly demonstrate how to lead libraries in taking healthy but meaningful risks–risks with rewards that will revitalize libraries, keeping us relevant and even innovative in a changing world.
Although I now live and work at sea-level in Los Angeles, I grew up on Cobb Mountain in Lake County, and just a few summers ago spent 13 weeks in the Sierra, so I’m pretty familiar with mountaintop experiences. I remember the exhilaration, the inspiration–and needing to sleep a lot. Here’s hoping for a week of beautiful perspectives on the Rockies and libraries, new dreams and ideas to bring back to California, and a conference schedule with mandatory nap-time built in!
Sarah Vantrease is a Branch Manager at Los Angeles Public Library and was a participant in the 2010 Eureka! Leadership Institute.