Emerging Tech Trends and Libraries

How are emerging technology trends impacting libraries? Tech gurus Lrobot armaura Solomon and David Lee King are delivering a 4-part webinar series for Infopeople to explore this question.

  • Part 1: Laura Solomon kicked off the series in December 2015. She discussed Gartner’s Hype Cycle, Internet of Things, wearables, the evolution of social media, and more. You can listen here (one-hour).
  • Part 2: David Lee King presented the second session in the series. His session covered trends and tipping points, including mobile, games, smart machines – all through the lens of “What does this mean for the library?”. You can listen here (one-hour).
  • Part 3: David Lee King returned to host the third session. This time he covered maker spaces, digital media labs, co-working spaces, and more. You can listen here (one-hour).

Part 4 in the series will be presented by Laura Solomon on June 15, 2016. You can register here.



Great podcast with Sarah Houghton-Jan

I know, I’m usually plugging an Infopeople podcast, but today I’m plugging this great interview on T Is for Training with our own (well, she’s her own person, but we love her) Sarah Houghton-Jan aka the Librarian in Black. Sarah has a new book coming out, and is also going to be teaching a new online course for Infopeople (check out the description and sign up here). Sarah has lots of hopeful words for libraries and good advice for keeping up with new stuff – oh, and figuring out how to find a balance between work life and home life.